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American bully pitbull puppies for sale – 8 weeks old

American bully pitbull puppies for sale - 8 weeks old


  1. Morgan Robert says:

    Cuties for sale. Pit? bull puppies in search for good homes. Contact mcwilson38@gmail.com for more information about these cuties.

  2. Papi Chulo says:

    Hey you guys take a second to check out my blue nose pitbull he’s one year old and still growing. I? just need your opinion. Thank you he’s a good looking pit great temperature, gets along with other dogs too.

  3. trey101000 says:

    STFU nigga you? prolly a white bitch nigga.

  4. trey101000 says:

    I seen that? shit too lol

  5. titibabycakes says:

    too cute 1:39 ? when they looked at each other that shit went with the music lol

  6. wix medshop says:

    6? weeks Rottweiler puppy for adoption. (502) 208-9539
    where ever you are can you please adopt my cute rotty?.
    Text me if you need some pictures.
    Text:(502) 208-9539

  7. empprettygirl says:

    How much??

  8. Vicky Kalavritinos says:


  9. Jwestmusic86 says:

    These Pupps Go HAM!?

  10. Frankie21015 says:

    I’m that random person that wants the song? title lol

  11. odie neal says:

    where u located u still have pups?

  12. Cesar Aguirre says:

    are these pups still? available

  13. Kyle Harvey says:

    Where u from i want one? of em..

  14. sreynolds1726 says:

    how much do you whant for? the puppy?

  15. eutimio808 says:

    how? much is your pitbulls male

  16. DeePitsSTL says:

    8weeks and looking good. I got 3.5week RazorsEdge Watchdog pups. Check out my videos. if I anit have the pups I have now I wouldnt mind buying one off you. Real nice? pups

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